SWTOR Vanguard PvP Builds and Guide

In this SWTOR Vanguard PvP guide, we will be going over the different roles the Vanguard can play in PvP and some specific SWTOR Vanguard PvP builds you can use to fill those roles.

If you want to do some serious PvPing, you can also consider respeccing and playing as a Commando in order to play as a ranged class or healer. However, the Vanguard can work in PvP, provided you are willing to play a specific role in each Warzone.

SWTOR Vanguard PvP Guide – Class Options

In Star Wars The Old Republic, the Vanguard has two options when it comes to playstyle for PvP: melee DPS and tank. Naturally, melee DPS classes excel at taking down other players and controlling casters (both healers and offensive casting classes). The Tactics tree is fit for that role.

However, players can also play as a tanking class in PvP. A tanking Vanguard with points in Shield Specialist can carry the ball in Huttball very effectively as well as defend nodes. While defending map objectives is not very fun, a defensive Vanguard is well-suited for this task since they can win a lot of 1v1s and survive long enough to call for help.

SWTOR Vanguard PvP Builds – Tactics

As mentioned, if you want to play as a DPS as a Vanguard in SWTOR, you will need to put points into the tactics tree. This way, you can become a melee DPS class. If you want to play as a ranged DPS, the only option is to play as Commando.

Melee DPS classes suffer when they are surprised by ranged classes, so you need to be really careful of your surroundings. Your best bet it so try to sneak up on casters and ranged classes. If you can force them into melee combat, the Tactics talent tree really shines.

I will be adding some specific Tactics builds to this SWTOR Vanguard PvP Guide shortly.

SWTOR Vanguard PvP Builds – Shield Specialist

While not an offensive powerhouse, the Shield Specialist focuses on on maximizing the Vanguard’s defensive capabilities. This can come in handy in a few situations.

One of those is in Huttball. Naturally, someone on your team needs to carry the ball through to your enemies’ end zone in order to score a point. This person is the target of attacks from your opponents. Naturally, a defensive Vanguard with a lot of HP and defense is ideal for such a role.

Furthermore, some of the Warzones like Alderaan have objectives which are important to the team, but you don’t want to keep the whole team on defense. While not the most entertaining role to fill, a defensively-specced Vanguard can do this task quite well.

SWTOR Vanguard PvP Guide and Builds Conclusion

The Star Wars Old Republic Vanguard can be quite effective in PvP if you are willing to use a good PvP build and then follow the role that build excels at. If you can do that, you will have a lot of success as an SWTOR Vanguard.

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