SWTOR Trooper Advanced Classes

There are two different SWTOR Trooper advanced classes: the Trooper and the Commando.In this article, you will discover what these two classes are, what their roles are, and find links to guides for each of these classes.

Note that the developers have stated that you are free to switch between the two of these classes, so you do not have to pick which Star Wars The Old Republic Trooper advanced specialization you want to pick at the outset of the game.

SWTOR Trooper Advanced Classes – Commando

The Commando trades defense for offensive or healing abilities. The Commando wears lighter armor than the Vanguard and instead opts to either maximize the damage of its Assault Cannon or its healing abilities.

The Gunnery talent spec is the one that allows the Commando to be an offensive powerhouse. This ranged class deals significant amounts of damage from range and even has some powerful casted attacks it can use when standing still.

On the other hand, the Combat Medic talent tree gives the Commando access to healing abilities if you are into running flashpoints and operations.

You do not have to spec as a hybrid of these two things, and can focus solely in on damage or healing, whichever one is your cup of tea.

For a guide to this class, check out our SWTOR Commando Guide.

SWTOR Trooper Advanced Classes – Vanguard

Unlike the Commando, the Vanguard picks up heavy armor and defensive capabilities and forfeits many of its ranged attacks. Instead, it can play as a tanking class or as a melee DPS class.

The Vanguard’s Tactics talent tree allows the class to become a melee damage-dealer. This is a good spec for leveling up or as an off-spec for farming or PvP.

The Vanguard’s other talent tree, Shield Specialist, is what allows the Vanguard to tank. The Vanguard can tank both flashpoints (dungeons) and operations (raids); this class is not a hybrid tank and is completely functional.

For a guide to this advanced class, check out our SWTOR Vanguard guide.

SWTOR Trooper Advanced Classes Conclusion

Given the nature of the Vanguard and the Commando, the Trooper is capable of filling any role in the game. As a result, if you are not sure what class type you would like to play, the Trooper is a good choice as you can pick try out all of the playstyles offered in SWTOR by changing your advanced class and build.

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