SWTOR Commando Abilities List

This SWTOR Commando abilities list will cover everything there is to know about the SWTOR Commando. By reading this abilities list, you will get a good idea of not only all of the Star Wars The Old Republic Commando abilities but also the best way to use these abilities in battle.

The SWTOR Commando has abilities which draw from three sections: Gunnery, Combat Medic, and Assault Specialist. The Gunnery and Combat Medic abilities are very different but both unique to the Commando while the Assault Specialist is available to all types of Troopers.

SWTOR Commando Abilities List – Gunnery

Gunnery abilities are in line with what most people expect from Trooper gameplay and help maximize the Commando’s efficacy as a wielder of the Assault Cannon, which is the hallmark of the Gunnery class.

While for now we only know about a single ability, once the NDA for SWTOR is lifted, we will certainly be posting more information:

Grav Round: Fires off a round which creates a gravity vortex, causing a large amount of kinetic damage. The Grav Round is actually a casted ability and is a very powerful spell for the Commando.

SWTOR Commando Abilities List – Combat Medic

The Combat Medic’s abilities actually allow the Commando to become a healer. These abilities use Probes and “healing bombs” to restore your party member’s HP totals.

Trauma Probe: Summons a Probe which heals the target every 3 seconds for 30 seconds. This is a standard Healing over Time effect and a good thing to keep on the tank at all times. You can also use it to help heal up a DPS class which is in no danger of dying anytime soon since it is an instant cast.

Star Wars The Old Republic Commando Abilities – Assault Specialist

The Assault Specialist abilities are shared between both the Commando and the Vanguard and offer some flexibility for this class. Since both advanced specializations can use this talent tree, I have included it in the SWTOR Trooper Abilities list.

SWTOR Commando Abilities List Conclusion

The Commando has a lot of abilities available to it, and many of them are for different types of roles. By maximizing the way you use your abilities to fill a certain role, you can become a more effective solo player and more valuable player for your group.

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